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LOOK UP 2021
Artist Line Up

We are excited to announce the selected for Look Up 2021, a collaborative visual arts mentorship programme are:

Bahzad Sulaiman, a performance maker and visual artist from Syria, now residing in Germany, who “believes that cultural heritage is an excellent way to promote social inclusion and community empowerment.”

Parham Ghalamdar, an Iranian-born painter and researcher based in the UK. “During my residency I will train an AI engine to study flags of different countries to create new ones belonging to no country. My work will be a study on borders, sense of belonging, diversity, technology, and science-fiction”.

Rita Adib, a multi-disciplinary artist also from Syria, now residing in Germany, who believes “in the importance of creating site specific work that can spark a conversation, engage and provoke the public.”

Ally Zlatar, a lecturer in Philosophy, History and visual culture, originally from Canada, now residing in Scotland, who says, “Especially after the pandemic, mental health needs to be looked after now, more than ever. Mental health can be interpreted in so many ways during this project in relation to these themes and I would love to divulge into this project with mentors and peers to create some very interesting work.“

The selected mentors for the programme, who will be guiding these artists through the residencies and creative processes, include Rachel Dobbs and Adam Broomberg.

Produced by ArtReach, as part of the Liberty EU project and Journeys Festival International. Hosted by Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, and coculture, Berlin, Germany.

INSTAGRAM: @aspexportsmouth @adambroomberg @racheldobbs1 @bahzad_sulaiman @ritaadib @parham.ghalamdar @allycardone

TWITTER: @coculture_de @aspexportsmouth @AdamBroomberg @RachelDobbs1

FACEBOOK: @aspexportsmouth @bhzad.suliman @adam.broomberg @rachel.dobbs.451 @rita.adib.35 @someaddresshere @ally.cardone

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